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  • How do I wash and dry the silks?
    Silk is similar to our hair, I suggest hand washing in cold water with a non scented silk soap OR a non scented, sulfate and paraben free shampoo. Hang to dry in the shade.
  • Will the colors fade?
    The colors may or may not fade over time. As with anything in nature, it can be unpredictable. The pretreatment process I practice has proven to have a high and durable color fastness. Do your best not to leave unworn garments in sunlight, this expedites potential changes in color. Note that yellow hues tend to shift color faster than others. For best results, follow care instructions.
  • Are there any harsh chemicals in your dyeing process ?
    No, there are no harsh chemicals used in the adornment of these garments. A food grade safe mordant is used. All botanicals are organic and or wildcrafted. If an additive such as iron is used, a note will be made in the product description of that specific piece.
  • An item I loved sold out, can you dye another one?
    Each garment is a one of a kind, even the garments I have dyed to mirror each other. If you love a specific color pallet and or energetic expression of a sold out item, go to the "silk ceremony" page and fill out the custom form. I am more than happy to create something for you!
  • Can you custom dye large orders?
    Please email me with your vision and we can go from there, domo!
  • Can you ship internationally?
    Unfortunately not at this time but I plan to in the future. Please see the Shipping and Return link at the bottom of this page.

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