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there is a light breeze encouraging the chime on the front porch beam to sing, it’s rhythm in sync with the chattering leaves on the trees. the sun is high, my son asleep.

the water we collect from the spring is starting to shape shift in response to the heat beneath it. the leaves of a 300 year old tree are resting in a bowl, handmade in a prefecture of Japan that has been moulding clay in these ways for generations.

the spirits of the incense dance in abstract motions, they tell their stories before I tell mine. 


the daily ceremony of life continues. 


the silks have been washed | bathed in honor | ready to be adorned with the limitless gems of the botanical world.


from buds to twigs, the blossoms that are alive for one day, the insects from a cactus that have been preserved for generations, and every botanical in between. 

all hold space for you to be held.


some take an afternoon of brilliance, others need many suns and moons.

bundle after dye bath after bundle. only when it speaks will the worlds eyes rest upon its glow.

each piece is a reflection of intentions, prayers and the in between spaces of creation.

not one is the same. a gift for you and only you.

a journey to find the self in a world full of changing identities.

on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean.

[ ikigai ] a reason for being. a Japanese concept of living a life of joy in all that you do.

welcome to my ikigai, may you embody yours while wrapped in these one of a kind second skins.

- solei

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