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discover the ways of plant bundle dye with the river and the son all inclusive luxury dye kit.


an aspect to plant dye is the importance of learning about the lands in which you not only inhabit, but also use plant matter from. the printed booklet has 6 pages dedicated to each plant dye included in this kit, a brief overview of origins, etymology, uses, and traditional stories.


this kit includes :

- your choice of silk pillow case or silk sarong

- printed instructions & inspiration booklet

- password protected tutorial video

- scour and mordant powders

- organic or wild harvested plant matter

- string

- wood dowel

- creative freedom


plant dyes included in the kit :

- blue hollyhock flower

- marigold flowers

- achiote aka annatto seeds

- osage saw dust

- mimosa/wattle tree bark powder

- ground cochineal insect


silk options :

100% mulberry silk queen pillow case with envelope enclosure


100% habotai silk sarong in two sizes :

medium 36" x 60"

large 44" x 72"



there are many color variations you can make with experimentation.

the green color way is created by mixing blue hollyhock flowers and osage saw dust as a dye bath.


as reference most of the silk sarongs featured in our online shop have been bundle dyed and soaked in a dye bath after.


in the printed booklet there is a list of kitchen items you can use to add to the range of color ways. venture outside of the box when it comes time to dye.


image 7 shows a medium sized sarong that was dyed, cut and sewn into an oversized pillowcase ( another silk fabric was used for the back of the pillow case although one sarong could be used to make an entire pillowcase without other fabric).

dyes used were hollyhock, annatto seeds, marigold and osage sawdust.


the possibilities are endless.


depending on how much plant material you use for the sarong or pillow, there will be plenty of dye left over to play with a piece of fabric from home!

plant bundle dye kit

  • returns and exchanges not accepted

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