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pa'iai - taro or kalo


A Cultural Perspective via mana ai article :
Taro is a central figure of Native Hawaiian cosmogenesis. Two gods – Papahanaumoku, Earth mother, and Wakea, skyfather – fell in love and had a child, Hoohokukalani, she who gives birth to the stars. Wakea fell in love with Hoohokukalani and in a sacred bond, the two produced a stillborn child. They buried this child on the eastern side of the house and from this grave grew the first taro plant, which was named Haloanakalaukapalili, the long stem whose leaves tremble in the wind. Wakea and Hoohokukalani produced another child who was born the first kanaka, the two naming him Haloa after his elder brother. From then on, the Hawaiian people had a responsibility to care for their elder brother, who in return would care for them.   




SKU: 0001
  • 100% habotai silk

    100% plant dyed

    hand rolled edges

    36" x 60" 

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